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I am Laura but you can call me Lor if you want. '3'

I play Comet/Brianna/[personal profile] itsjustafayz at [community profile] aather; I also play some dumb kids at [community profile] cfud.

You can get in touch with me by email, gchat or plurk. My email/gchat is sa22ybaskets @ gmail, and my plurk is [ profile] errorchord. I can respond to emails or plurk pings at all hours of the day (ty smartphones for existing) but I'm usually only on gchat in the evenings EST. I'm not on IRC every night, but if I am I'll be on as Breeze, so you can PM me there too.
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Name Comet // Brianna
Age Appears and is 13, though on the small side.
Team Carnelian

Height/Build About 5'. Very thin, kind of malnourished.
Hair Color/Eye Color Reddish brown / Brown.
Notable Traits Wears her hair in braided pigtails. Her legs (and arms, but especially her legs) are somewhat scarred up, but nothing major.

Other She is a mutant, and for those who can sense stuff like this, her powers are focused in her hands.
ALSO though she is alive in Aather, she has died in her canon!
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= Taken
χ = Locked
= Priority

Memories )

Skills )
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* Hunting knife
* Iron claw
* Garrote

* Sled (toboggan-style, fits two people) (now has wheels)
* Scrabble

Memory 36

Mar. 13th, 2014 03:38 pm
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Memory: She knew
Regained: Day 330 / Baker game
Form: You receive one loaf of bread, sliced into five pieces! Shareable but be warned, it will eventually get stale. (4/5)

What happened:
The fight lasted six seconds.

In that time Brianna rushed, swung her machete, and missed.

Gaia swung a fist as powerful as Jack's and caught just a corner of Brianna's shoulder, spinning Brianna away to sprawl on concrete.

Brianna was up in a flash, snapped her shotgun up, fired, and hit Gaia in the chest with a load of buckshot that knocked Gaia staggering back with seven small holes in her.

Brianna rushed, yelling, "Die!" stuck her shotgun into the stunned Gaia's mouth, and pulled the trigger.

And there was no explosion. Dud shell.

Brianna's one good eye widened and Gaia's hand was on her neck. Impossible to get away. Brianna swung her machete, but the angle was all wrong, so she caught Gaia's neck, too low and too weak. Blood was everywhere.

But Brianna's head was woozy. The weakness was spreading through her.

She struck again, and Gaia easily blocked this blow, ripped Brianna's machete from her hand, and threw it aside.

Gaia's face, those cold blue eyes, were all Brianna could see. But she felt Gaia's hand pressing palm-out against her heart and she knew...

What it means:
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Memory: Birth of her little sisters
Regained: Day 314 / Mme White game
Form: A chinese puzzle ball, four layers deep. shake it to view--the innermost layer will shatter with each viewing, giving you three shares + the outermost shell (which can be destroyed as well to share a memory of your choice, but not until all three inside layers have been used). (1/3 left)

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Memory: That’s not the truth
Regained: Day 317 / Hades game
Form: An hourglass. Turn over to view the memory. (2/3 left)

Notes )


Memory: Asking Jack to the McClub... kinda
Regained: Day 319 / Mulan game
Form: Teacup; pour liquid into and drink. Infinite uses.

Notes )


Memory: The evil one comes with a whip
Regained: Day 320 / Jorji game
Form: Walnut-sized blue glass ball. You must shatter the ball to get the memory. The pieces will disappear afterwards. One use. (1/1)

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Memory: Kick ass, Breeze
Regained: Day 328 / Darkness game
Form: Pluck the petals to receive your memories. 7 uses. (6/7 left)

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Memory: Running into Astrid
Regained: Day 303 / Hatter game
Form: A headband. Put it on, and it will show a word from the memory.

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Memory: Being plastered for 8 days
Regained: Day 309 / Green Knight game
Form: A small chocolate horse. One use. (0/1 left)

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Memory: Ta-da!
Regained: Day 311 / Uniform game
Form: Strawberry tarts. Three pieces. (2/3 left)

Notes )


Memory: Sam’s arrival
Regained: Day 312 / Lancelot game
Form: Memories come in the form of a leaf with three berries attached. Three uses. (1/3 left)

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Skill: Basic hunting
Regained: Day 301 / Mulan game
Form: A snap pea. Snap and eat to receive.

Notes: Basic hunting, Breeze style, which means using her speed to catch animals and break their necks. This is something she'll have some trouble with until she gets more of her super speed power back, since right now she loses a lot of her element of surprise.


Memory: LOL?
Regained: Day 302 / Mira game
Form: A simple silver crown, you wear it to receive your memory. (6/8 left)

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Memory: Fighting Drake, getting shot
Regained: Day 300 / Eliza's Brother game
Form: Memories come in the form of a small, dented candle-lantern with a mostly melted candle stub inside: light the candle to view the memory. Three uses until the wick drowns. (2/3 left)

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Memory: Baby Breeze
Regained: Day 298 / Snow Queen & Gerda game
Form: A perfect, oversized snowflake -- no two are alike, and each is about the size of your palm. Kiss it to receive your memory. You'll feel chilled and numb afterwards, but it'll wear off after a few minutes; same applies to anyone you share it with. Unlimited uses.

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Memory: Getting off the roof
Regained: Day 297 / Nimue game
Form: A crystal. Hold to view memory. Good for one use. (0/1)

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OH SNAP this journal is going to hit 12k in like 50 comments and that's excuse enough for me so I'm doing a QUESTION MEME!! Ask me stuff and I'll answer and then ask you stuff back and we'll ask each other questions until one of us gets bored and stops. Any kind of question is fine with me! :>

For Comet/Breeze/Brianna!
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Regained: Day 291 / Butterfly game
Form: Skills come in the form of a nasturtium flower. You have to eat it.
Skill: Basic weapons knowledge

Notes: What various weapons are and how to use them at the basic level. Includes firearms!


Regained: Day 292 / Dorian game
Form: Memories come in the form of chocolate lips wrapped in red foil. Remove the foil to view the memory.

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Memory: Dekka's house
Regained: Day 291 / Cheshire game
Form: A packet of jello mix! You'll have to make it at your cabin and wait for it to set . . . or, just lick the sugar.

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Memory: Waking up on the roof
Regained: Day 288, Mal/Beauty game
Form: A feather in your team colour. When you touch it and think about taking your memory, it hovers in the air for a while, then floats gently back down again. Unlimited uses.

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Memory: Getting sent to Coates
Regained: Day 287, Pandora game
Form: Come in the form of a candle in your team color. Light it to view your memory. (8/9 left)

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Memory: In the house with Caine (PLAGUE 426-429)
Regained: Day 286, Merlin game
Form: A cootie catcher. Whatever numbers and colors you choose, you'll get the memory when you open it. One use. (0/1 left)

Notes )

Skill: Increased balance
Regained: Day 286, Hansel & Gretel game
Form: Skills come in the form of little paper witches in your team color. Burn the paper witch to receive your skill.

Notes: IT'S INCREASED… BALANCE… I mean, she still can't perform any impossible stunts here, but! It's still a bit more than an average person would have. Good for super speed. :|a
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Memory: Not tonight, huh?
Regained: Day 278 / Mulan game
Form: Two paper dolls attached together at the arm. You and a friend must pull on the dolls to tear them apart and view the memory. (0/1 left)

Notes )


Memory: Daily life in the FAYZ, pre-LIES
Regained: Day 279 / Kitsune game
Form: A dog's tooth on a thong. Prick yourself with the tip to view the memory. After three uses, it will lose its sharpness and no longer break skin. (1/3 left)

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Memory: I'm the weapon
Regained: Day 274, corruption hearts
Form: Small hearts (as in real meaty hearts) - no bigger than your thumb but . . . they'll be a little chewy, it might be best to swallow whole. (0/1 left)

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